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Experience southern Africa on a real adventure!

Armand ‘Wax Hom’ Basson will show you the side of Southern Africa you’ve never seen before! Whether you are interested in 4×4 trips, self-driving trips or fishing trips – Armand will make it a special adventure!

Armand can arrange for special concession permits required to access restricted areas in Namibia as registered local tour operator with 25 + years experience.
This includes Rigthersveld, rothercam , Rosh Pinah , Sperrgebiet , Skeleton Coast areas

Wax Hom!

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Sandwich Harbour Tours

Where the atlantic ocean meets the namib desert

Experience off-road driving like never before in the magnificent Sandwich Harbour which is located to the south of Walvis Bay. The area consists of gigantic sand dunes of the Namib Desert which meet the Atlantic ocean, a very rare natural occurrence.

Armand ‘Wax Hom’ Basson will make your trip to Sandwich Harbour something special and guide you along this day trip.

N$1650 per vehicle

Experience Namibia like never before!

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